• OpenCL CodeBench

    A smart editor that automatically infers the host code while you can focus on the kernel


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    OpenCL CodeBench
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    We can do the work for you …
OpenCL CodeBench writes the host code so you can focus on the kernel

Parallel software development is not simple, but it can be made much easier with the right tools.  Amdahl Software is working to provide these tools to software engineers developing code on homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-core systems, starting with OpenCL CodeBench.

Amdahl Software Philosophy

  • Automate or Abstract when possible
  • Guide when useful or desired
  • Facilitate without being Intrusive

Seamless Integration

  • Build on existing parallel coding standards
  • Plug into existing Eclipse flows
  • Enable power users with command line tools

Engineering Value

  • Enhanced Code Quality
  • Additional Code Output
  • Higher Performance Systems