OpenCL CodeBench now supports automatic host code inference

Englewood, CO, USA, February 10, 2014 – Amdahl Software, a leading provider of multi-core productivity tools, today announced the latest major update to its flagship Eclipse plug-in, OpenCL CodeBench. With the recent 1.2 release, developers can now benefit from automatic host-code generation as they are coding their OpenCL™ kernels.

By using OpenCL, the full capabilities of modern multi-core systems can be unlocked. Speed-up factors of 10x or more, even on commodity hardware, are not uncommon. One of the barriers to being productive with OpenCL is the verbose host code that is required. OpenCL CodeBench, an OpenCL sensitive Eclipse editor, now addresses this by analyzing the kernel code and automatically generating the host code based on that analysis. The programmer can then configure the generated host code through a multi-page properties editor to determine the best settings for their particular application, without writing one single line of host code.

“We really wanted the OpenCL developer to be able to focus on what matters – the kernel” said Erik Duymelinck, co-founder and product architect at Amdahl Software. “With the latest release of OpenCL CodeBench”, Erik added, “we achieved this and laid the foundation for more advanced features such as pipelines of kernels and support for other target host-code languages”.

OpenCL CodeBench is now available for trial or purchase. To find out more, visit

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