Amdahl Software tools enable multiple approaches to multi-core software development

Create new Multi-core Code →

OpenCL CodeBench is an Eclipse plug-in, enabling OpenCL engineers with the productivity features they have grown accustomed to in other coding environments. Additional features include project management, host code generation and test bench creation.


Transform from Serial Code →

Parallel Xtractor is a code refactoring and parallelization tool. Writing new serial code or updating legacy products? Just point the tool the the code segments you wish to parallelize or turn the tools loose on the entire algorithm. Let the tool do the work.


Services and Custom Development →

In addition to our two flagship products, we are interested in partnering with companies who desire tool extensions or see an opportunity to utilize our technologies in conjunction with their products. Our tools infrastructure is modular and is extensible to custom DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) and environments.  If there are unique requirements that cannot be met with our standard offering, please contact us for a confidential discussion.