We understand that not everybody wants to learn new technologies or tools. Sometimes you may only be interested in the end result. This is especially true for one-off tasks like porting software to a new platform. Or maybe you like OpenCL CodeBench but Eclipse is not your primary development environment.

Therefore we are also available to meet your specific software and tooling needs through a services arrangement. We have unique experience in the following areas:

Software Speedup with OpenCL

We can speed up your application by porting it to OpenCL and taking advantage of all the system resources of your multi- or manycore platform. Here are a few examples

  • speed up computations using one or more GPUs (AMD, Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, Vivante, ImgTec)
  • port your application to run on a Cluster GPU instance of Amazon EC2
  • offload OpenCL kernels to FPGA

Tooling Support

Our expertise in Eclipse, Xtext, Java, C/C++, Python and compiler technology makes us the perfect team to talk to when it comes to:

  • Integrating OpenCL CodeBench with alternative environments, Eclipse-based or others
  • Adding custom code generation features to OpenCL CodeBench, e.g. host code generation for Java or JavaScript, or target other existing frameworks such as CLU or libdispatch.
  • creating Eclipse tooling and code generation for your own in-house parallel languages (DSLs – Domain Specific Languages)