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Load Balancing Multiple OpenCL™ Devices

OpenCL™ is often criticized for not being “performance portable”.  While it is true that absolute optimal performance will only be achieved when tailoring host code and kernels directly to the target platform, significant improvements can be made by just tweaking some of the knobs that the OpenCL framework already contains.  The point is that OpenCL is a programming model that was specifically conceived to target different types of hardware in a portable fashion.  This discussion by Continue Reading →


Amdahl Software announces the general availability of OpenCL CodeBench

OpenCL CodeBench™ from Amdahl Software Accelerates OpenCL™ Software Creation.

Englewood, Co, USA, February 4, 2013 – Amdahl Software, a leading supplier of development tools for multi-core software, after extensive beta testing by evaluators in over a dozen countries and numerous end-user application markets, today announced the production release of OpenCL CodeBench.

OpenCL CodeBench is an OpenCL Code Creation tool.  It simplifies parallel software development, enabling developers to rapidly generate and optimize OpenCL applications.  Engineering productivity is increased through the automation of overhead tasks.  ...

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